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Vintellus delivers an AI driven Digital Sales Assistant for the sales representative looking to excel in this dynamic digital economy.

Our products provide technology driven mobile and conversation experience, ensuring that all the information needed by sales representatives are available on-demand via text, voice and touch. Our product reviews data available on Sales, Marketing, Mail, Calendar, Social and External Sources and provides detailed recommendations with One-Click execution of those recommendations.

Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning on large structured and unstructured data, we can intelligently find what works best for a given sales representative and their prospective deal. Our Digital Sales Assistant constantly learns from each interaction and with every change in data,it provides the best recommendation to close a deal.

Data Science

Machine Learning and Deep Learning on CRM, Mail, Calendar, Social and Third-Party Data.

360° Customer View

True customer one-viewexperience by bringing together Accounts, Contacts, Mail, Opportunity, Calendar, Products, Pricing, Travel and other critical Customer Information.

Mobile Conversation

Engage anywhere and anytime through Voice, Text and Touch.

What are the benefits to the sales representative?

Our product has been centered around sales representatives and sales managers; not just on sales operations. It is the singular tool they need to improve revenue and is designed to simplify every aspect of the sales process. The AI platform constantly learns from each interaction and every change in data and provides the best recommendation to close a deal.

Opportunity Management

Manage your deals with Vinsales by staying connected to all the information you need to close every sale – anytime, anywhere.

Contact Management

Vinsales enables you to streamline pipelines, increase forecast accuracy and follow through on achieving realistic sales goals.

Activity Management

Gain real-time visibility through Vinsales into sales activities and get on top of crucial tasks without any last-minute delays.

Activity Management

With Vinsales on your side, unleash the measurable advantage of artificial intelligence and predictive data automation.


Vinsales takes reporting to a new level; keeping track of continuous and evolving sales cycles has never been easier or quicker.


Vinsales is a sales app that puts the power of proactive sales engagement in your pocket; a mobile-friendly answer to big-dollar questions.

What makes it so special?

Why we are different. There could be four reasons.

Technology edge

Built on modern platform, AI based solution.

Conversational mobile experience

Modern app for the next gen economy.


Get value of your existing investment on legacy CRM solution.


We deliver modern sales at good value.


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The Promise of Artificial Intelligence (Part 1)

2019-05-15 Blog

Leveraging AI in CRM to the advantage of Sales Managers Introduction Even in 2019, the successful adoption of popular CRM systems encounters a lot of resistance. Some of this friction comes from the people it supposed to help.  Some of this friction comes from the technology itself.  The current generation of CRM systems is based … Continue reading “The Promise of Artificial Intelligence (Part 1)”

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4 sales lessons you can learn from the IPL cricket season

2019-04-10 Blog

Since 2009, the Indian Premier League – a Twenty20 cricket tournament – has turned the sporting world on its head. Over the years, it has influenced how players approached every match on the field. Off the field, it has transformed the way audiences engage with cricket. Last year, over 202 million viewers visited a single … Continue reading “4 sales lessons you can learn from the IPL cricket season”

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The Sales Manager’s Burden

2019-04-08 Blog

Introduction Running a sales team has never been simple, and technology has only made it more complex. The internet has changed the sales cycle and the sales representative’s role. Mobile phones make you always available. The current generation of CRM systems was meant to ease the burden, but they don’t, and that is a problem. … Continue reading “The Sales Manager’s Burden”

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Millennials & Gen Z customers: Selling in the middle ground

2019-03-13 Blog

Being a salesperson means you must understand the type of people you are selling to. You should also bear in mind that every segment that you target is unique. Catering to their expectations involves an acute understanding of their generational mindsets. Irrespective of the industry, with every generation – the customer’s mentality evolves. Their awareness levels, their purchasing intents, and their service expectations go through a sea of changes.

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The CRM Industry’s Dirty Little Secret

2019-03-13 Blog

There’s a dirty little secret in customer relationship management (CRM) that nobody wants to talk about. Sure, CRM systems are great in theory for improving forecast accuracy, speeding deal cycles, and reducing selling costs. But the dirty little secret of CRM is, outside of call centers, sales reps are not using the systems. There are many reasons why this is the case.

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How Don Draper can help you close a sale in the digital age

2019-03-13 Blog

If you have not glanced at an article about closing a sale in the digital age, over the past 24 hours – pat yourself on the back. You may have discovered the end of the Internet rainbow; swam past the Bermuda triangle of reminders on everything is connected, digitally.

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The next generation of business applications

2018-07-21 Blog

The demark between AI and ML is simple – AI uses deep learning where for example a neural network could auto-determine new features for classification for example. Artificial Intelligence is the broader concept of machines being able to carry out tasks in a way that we would consider “smart” and Machine Learning is a current application of techniques based around the idea that we should really just be able to give machines access to data and let them “learn” for themselves.

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How conversational experience can improver SFA adoption

2018-07-18 Blog

The Introduction of devices like Amazon’s Alexa has revolutionized voice based interaction. By enabling different skills, the users are able to order items from an online store, check game scores, get updates on the weather, set reminders and access ones appointments and so on and so forth… With far field voice recognition, you are able to interact with the device without sitting directly in-front of it.

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Sales productivity

2018-07-11 Blog

Sales solutions are bought to help with selling, collaborate with the team, track progress, forecasting and management reporting. The decisions to buy the solutions are done jointly by the sales representative, sales management and the sales operations. During the implementation, the sales operations and sales management tries to introduce many rules in the system to help with operational control and management exception reporting. At the end of the implementation the system has become complicated.

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