How conversational experience can improver SFA adoption

2018-07-18 Blog

The Introduction of devices like Amazon’s Alexa has revolutionized voice based interaction. By enabling different skills, the users are able to order items from an online store, check game scores, get updates on the weather, set reminders and access ones appointments and so on and so forth… With far field voice recognition, you are able to interact with the device without sitting directly in-front of it. There is major competition in the space with google and other players also building their own voice based endpoints which are getting embedded not just in speakers but many other places like your car or in a number of OEM devices.

Voice recognition on the phone has been steadily getting better ever since the introduction of Siri by Apple. “Hey Google” from Google has made major improvements on voice recognition quality across multiple languages and accents and is now well integrated with Google Search, Google Maps, Google Play apps and other third party applications.
Both Siri and the google assistant are now integrated with automobiles using the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In California, there are strict rules about driving and using a phone with heavy fines, which forces many people to use voice as primary means of interacting with systems and with continuous improvements, it becomes easier to use without getting distracted.

Many of us use messaging and collaboration tools such as Slack, Facebook Messenger, What’s-app and others to be constantly in-touch with our colleagues, friends and with the enterprise. These tools are always accessible and always-on providing us with constant updates. In fact messaging apps are the number one most used apps in the world today. All of these messaging platforms already support (or are about to very soon support) chatbots which are a great way for users to interact with backend applications as well instead of just human to human interactions. t. Therefore enabling chat bots on these channels, interacting with enterprise systems becomes way easier for the user who is now able to stay within the messaging application to interact with enterprise systems.. Increasingly amongst younger people, this conversational channel is the the channel of choice to interact with enterprise applications and when done right, this is a delightful user experience.

Take the classic case of a busy field sales rep. A field sales rep is constantly on the move to meet with clients and partners to progress a deal forward and he or she is always in need of the latest information and should be able to access this at home, at work, in the car and at any time they need. The system should be invoked easily and the information should be presented in a concise and conversational way so that information can be well understood quickly and updates can be provided.

Let’s look at a day in the life of a sales person. As the sales person wakes up in the morning, Alexa could be ready with key highlights of the day providing information on important meetings, news updates and critical issues which need to be addressed. During the commute, the end user could get additional information in the car on the attendees status for an upcoming meeting. The system could send an alert to the car on the latest news about the executive change in responsibility as this may have an impact on the deal and a quick way to get more detail on this news. Once he reaches work, he/she is collaborating with their colleagues on the final presentation and pricing proposal on the Slack channel. On the way back from the customer meeting, the user could make a quick call and get reminders for follow-up actions and also update the opportunity sales stage. As the rep wraps up the day and waits in the airport lounge for travel to meet with key clients, he or she could review information and update key details and submit a forecast for the week on your mobile phone. All conversationally..

A modern sales solution should deliver great user experience and ability for the sales person to interact in a frictionless modern mobile and conversation experience.